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About Us


NAGIC was founded in 1983 by Lee brothers, Ching-Yu and Ching-Cheng, as one of first artificial turf manufacturers in Taiwan. In early 1990s, Lee brothers identified the market opportunity of golf driving range mats. And that was the time when today's NAGIC started. In the following 15 years, the company grew fast and achieved a big success. However, it didn't satisfy Lee brothers' passion for excellence. With continual efforts, in late 2000s, big breakthroughs in manufacturing process brought the golf range mat to the next level and ready for the global market. Today, you can find NAGIC mats worldwide.



NAGIC insists upon premium materials and superior processes in manufacturing golf driving range mats, because we believe only quality product can help your golf business increase customer loyalty and gain market share. More important is that it saves your time on handling customer complaints. But how does NAGIC achieve it? We rely on our advantages, such as better grass yarns, gluing process, and foam pads. Each one is key to having high performance golf driving range mats. NAGIC is a professional golf rage mat and artificial turf manufacturer. For more information, please click “WHY NAGIC” , there are articles explaining what make our mats superior.



Cost is always the first consideration in finding a golf driving range mat supplier and golf range mat manufacturer. And then, of course, it comes to quality. However, there is one thing you definitely should not undervalue as a golf supply business, product variety. For one, it is annoying to source from multiple artificial turf manufacturers. It is just not a cost-effective way to do business. Moreover, it may even make growing your business difficult with a limited product options. NAGIC provides the most various golf diving range mats in the market to fulfill different needs worldwide. For more information, please click “Golf Mat” to know more about what NAGIC offers.

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