About Us

About Us

NAGIC was founded by Lee brothers, Ching-Yu and Ching-Cheng, back in 1983. We specialize in manufacturing high quality golf driving range mats based in Taiwan. With over 30 years of experience and efforts, NAGIC has become one of leading manufacturers of golf driving range mats in the world. Today, you can find NAGIC golf mats worldwide.

If you compare our products with other artificial turfs for sports or landscaping use, you may not see big differences at first. Nevertheless, golf driving range owners really have different levels of requirements for their artificial turf golf mats.

First of all, they require the grass yarns won't melt easily, because the temperature may reach above 180 Celsius when a club hit on it at full swing speed. Second, they want the glue be extremely strong, so their turfs and foam bases won't split after thousands of hitting. Mediocre adhesives definitely can’t handle this. Third, they insist on quality cushion bases to avoid golfers' elbow inquiries. Moreover, cheap foam base causes severe curling problems in extreme weather conditions.


We are confident to say that NAGIC golf driving range mats can perfectly fulfill all these requirements with "Four Pillars of Our Advantages:"



In 2002,  NAGIC found a joint venture, Suntex Sports-Turf (Kunshan) Corporation, near Shanghai, China. Suntex specializes in manufacturing artificial turfs for other sports and landscaping use. With Suntex's complementary product portfolio, NAGIC becomes more capable of developing new turf products. Therefore, we look forward to new items using PE/PP grass yarns with our exclusive PU foaming technology.


In the future, we will constantly invest in R&D to improve our existing items and have more new ones, because we understand “customer satisfaction” is our priority to make our business prosper and grow with our clients in the next decade.


Owner & Chairman

Ching-Yu Lee