Model: A12150

Classic Anti-Shock Frame Base is one of NAGIC exclusive items. There are two main advantages over other mat keepers in the market. First of all, It is made by 100% hard PU foam, but normal heavy rubber. As a result, it's lighter. Second, you can disassemble it into 4 pieces and pack in a carton for transporting, so it not only takes less space of warehouse but easier for shipping. Most importantly, with NAGIC hard foam technology, this mat keeper is long-lasting and durable even outdoors. Other than those traditional rubber mat keepers, you now have one better option.

Model : A12150 (Mat/ball tray are not included)


•  Fit for “120 x 120cm” stance mat plus “120 x 30cm” hitting mat
•  Movable hitting mat for both right and left handed golfers.
•  Easy-assembled 4 pieces design
•  Made from 100% PU and weighted only 15.2kg
•  Frame size: 1290 x 1590 x 45mm
•  Patent protected, NAGIC exclusive items

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