mat system

NAGIC is a golf artificial grass manufacturer. All golf driving range mat and range golf mat are produced under strict standards of quality control.
As 1.5x1.5m golf driving range mats became a standard installation for most golf ranges, some range owners started to look for something different. They want to make their golf driving ranges stand out among others with better products. Moreover, only one kind of grass yarn can't satisfy all golfers' requirement. And that's the time when "Mat System" emerged in the market. A mat system generally comes with a rubber base, a ball tray, a stance mat and a hitting mat. As a result, golf range owners can only replace the golf driving mat as it wears out.

NAGIC is the leading golf artificial grass manufacturer providing golf driving range mat and range golf mat that are manufactured under strict standards. For further information, please click pictures below.

Hitting Strips: compared with other vendors' products with only limit options of golf driving mat, NAGIC provides 5 kinds of hitting mats with different yarn structures. They include 2 fairway options, 2 rough options, and 1 tee-up hitting mat for your preference. Please click here for more information.

Exclusive Anti-Shock Frame Base: NAGIC develop an exclusive mat keeper, Anti-Shock Frame Base, made of 4-piece PU foam rather than a piece of heavy and chunky rubber. This material is a high-density PU, much lighter than rubber and still strong and stable for using. Four-piece design is well packed in a carton, so it's much easier for transportation. With different sizes of combinations, we offer three types of mat keepers (square, classic, NAGIC) for your selection.

Semicircular Ball Tray: the ball tray is made of 100% ABS with 130-ball capacity. It can be used for all of NAGIC Anti-Shock Frame Bases. With special hook design, it can be attached to the rim of our Anti-Shock Frame Bases, so the ball tray won't move as golfers practice. The design solve the problem, which even happens on heavy rubber made ball trays on the market.